Tyson Training in Lanham, Maryland - Shady and unprofessionally ran business

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2016 - I met the owner #joetyson for a consultation. Everything went smoothly.

Afterwards he brought up a way to get a discount and help his business, #tysontraining , at the same time. He proposed a contract of $5000 to help the business purchase more equipment for their new/larger location. In exchange I can attend the gym FREE for a year and will have the money paid back in $500 increments (loan would be paid off within a year). Initially everything was working out.

His 3 trainers were very professional and he made his 1st payment. Then everything went downhill. Joseph started giving excuses for his non-payment and rumors were going around the gym about his unprofessional behavior inside and outside of the #gym (unwanted flirts, discount for services, domestic violence, etc.) Due to the unpaid loan I was advised to stop attending the gym & sue. I talked to Joseph on numerous occasions about the lack of payment and every date he gave for a payment didn't happen.

When I told him I was going to sue him, he threatened me but kept saying it wasn't a threat. I finally decided to google him and I found his criminal history under Joe Tyson, Joseph Tyson, Joseph ____ Tyson, and Joseph C Tyson with his birthdate and know addresses (previous & former). I wasn't shocked because of the warnings I received from his clients but I did think his unscrupulous behavior was in the past and he learned from them. NOT.

Now numerous women are suing him over a contract agreement or him double charging their accounts.

I've spoken to some of them and they have the same story as me. All of us are hard working women who decided to help a #gym / #personaltraining center grow but aren't being paid back what is contractually owed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tyson Training Owner.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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